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Ten people you didn’t know were Alaskan

Alaska is a big place, but the population is tiny. However, there are still some famous people in the World who are from Alaska. Not many people know that these people are from Alaska, as they are just considered American. Here’s a list of ten of the most famous people from Alaska.

Curt Schilling
He is actually from Anchorage and played Baseball in the Major Leauge for Boston Red Sox.

Archie Van Winkle
Perhaps you young folks don’t know who he is, but he is a quite famous US marine from Juneau who received a medal of honor after fighting the war in Korea. He’s the only Alaskan who has received this award.

Holly Madison
The former girlfriend of the Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, also a model and reality TV celebrity.

James Morrison
Perhaps you have seen him on TV, in series such as Frasier, 24 and the X-files? He’s a successful TV and film actor from Anchorage, born and raised.

Carlos Boozer
Raised in Juneau before he became a pro player in the basketball sport. In the past he has played for many, such as Chicago Bulls, but now Los Angeles Lakers.

Mario Chalmers
From Anchorage to Miami Heat. Yep another pro basket player.

If you have been living under a rock, she’s a musician that released a few popular songs. She’s from Homer.

Wyatt Earp
A sheriff in the town Tombstone that is famous for the shootout where three criminal cowboys died.

Mark Schlereth
A sports analysts you may have seen on NFL live or ESPON or sportscenter. He’s from Anchorage, born and raised, and then used to be a guard in the NFL.

Robert Stroud
Famous murderer on the list. Of course… He was actually from Seattle but lived in Cordova for quite some time.